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Doulas At Your Doorstep

............. IT TAKES AN ISLAND

Please take a moment and pay it forward to help families in need. Donate directly to our GO FUND ME campaign. Thank you so much! 

Doulas At Your Doorstep


Coordinated Postpartum Doula Services on Salt Spring Island.

The early weeks with a new baby are exciting - they may also be challenging and overwhelming. New families need a tremendous amount of support and information. Postpartum Doulas can assist during this precious time in ways that are suited to your style and needs: from traditions that “mother the mother” to demystifying the application of modern wisdom

A postpartum doula can help families with breastfeeding support, taking care of the mother and newborn, finding resources/information, cooking, laundry, taking care of other children, and other light housekeeping that allows the mother to get the rest and care she needs.

Postpartum doulas are certified, have Infant First Aid and CPR training, a criminal record check and Foodsafe certification.  

Doulas At Your Doorstep postpartum services are valued at $25/hour.  The Salt Spring Island Doula Collective is fundraising in order to be able to provide postpartum services at a reduced rate for families in need by
.the winter 2019-2020.  For further information about Doulas At Your Doorstep please contact Angela @ 250-713-4327 or

              Doulas At Your Doorstep
      Postpartum Support Application:

Thanks for applying!

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