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Angela Flegel

Childbirth International Childbirth Educator, Sacred Pregnancy and Birth Facilitator, and SHANTALA Baby Massage instructor.

I took my first doula training in 2003 and have supported over a hundred families through their birth journeys. I also continue to expand my knowledge with ongoing education. I provide 2 prenatal visits, labour and birth support and 1-2 postpartum visits. 250-713-4327


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Paula Cole

Certified Birth Doula CD (DONA), and Postpartum Doula CD (CAPPA).

Breastfeeding course for care providers (Douglas College), Infant CPR (red cross), Food Safty,

Sacred Pregnancy & Birth Journey instructor.

I Support all types of birth, whether it be home or hospital, medicated or non medicated, single or multiples, first babies or third. I believe that we all have the right to choose to birth the way we want and feel supported in our decisions. I am a doula with a passion to support and educate families with their choices through pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. I also provide breastfeeding support In the postpartum period. I am a mother of 5 wonderful children that have added exceptional amounts of knowledge to my work. It excites me to pass on the old knowledge of birth that has somehow been lost in our modern times.  I believe that all parents should be supported through such a transformational time in their lives. Knowledge is power. 604-722-0935


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Maria Robins

Having danced the rhythm of birth, and rode between the worlds in ecstasy and bliss, I know deep in my heart the sacredness of the passage into motherhood. As a doula I work with the mother prenatally to help heal and ease her into her readiness to birth. I offer my support with an open and attentive heart, I listen deeply for the support she says she needs, and I place myself in her hands as she guides the way forward with her choices. I follow her into the birth with my entire being, ready and lovingly. When the baby passes into this world, I am there postpartum to support her transition. ​250-221-8979


* Available for clients.​

Madison Greggains

Certified Holistic Doula (Pacific Rim College) & Certified Holistic Nutrition.

I feel deeply about the work of doulas for mothers, babies, families and communities. As a doula, I wish to hold space for the family and be available for support every step of the way. 250-538-7842


Sabrina Luppino

Birth and Postpartum

Training: Birth Warrior Project Doula Training, Indie Birth 

Student of Holistic Sexual and Reproductive Health Educator 

It would be my honour to support you throughout your pregnancy journey. 

I believe that every family should be held, witnessed and listened to during this pivotal moment. With my services I offer many tools to prepare for this rite of passage. Without judgment, I listen open hearted to the mother as she maps out her most desirable birth plan. Together, we move through some of the fears that may interfere with intuition. During the birth I encourage a dialogue of informed consent. I provide postpartum care to support the transition after birth and remain connected until mother and baby feel nested.

* Available for clients.​


* Available for clients.​

Kristin Thiessen

Certified Holistic Doula (Pacific Rim College), Certified Bodywork Therapist (Vancouver School of Healing Arts) Certified in Prenatal Massage, Reiki Level 1, Certified Mother Roaster (Art of Sacred Post Partum).  

It matters how we bring our babies into this world. As a birth keeper, my priority is to be with women and birthing families. I’m here to reflect your strength and support what matters most to you in the unfolding of your birth experience.


In the current maternity care system, the doula is the only member of the birth team that is chosen by the birthing family. It is an honour to be trusted with this responsibility! I am dedicated to providing empowering information, and helping you access the knowledge and resources that build confidence and preparedness. 


I am fascinated with the physiology of birth, with the innate power of the feminine body, and ways to integrate traditional wisdom in the childbearing year. I want to contribute to generating culture that honours the Mother.


I am also a professional bodyworker, and bring gifts of healing touch. I believe that all pregnant and postpartum bodies require loving, intelligent contact to thrive. I offer a spectrum of hands on care that includes pregnancy massage and mother warming services after birth. It is a joy to be of service in these ways!


Sunita Prowse

Birth & postpartum doula services, birth photography and conscious parenting support. 

Allow me to share these tender moments of life with you and your family and together we can strive for an empowering birth and postpartum experience.

I received my birth doula training through DONA in 2017 and later completed my postpartum training through Doula Canada. In these courses there was an emphasis on postpartum depression awareness, breastfeeding and the art of mothering the mother.

I believe pregnancy is about nourishing the baby and postpartum is about nourishing the mother. Ask me about my cooking services and how I can help you and your family within the first year after birth with nutritious and delicious meals.


Having been a full time nanny for several years, I naturally took an interest in child raising and the unique relationships between parents and young ones. As a postpartum doula, I would like to offer insight to alternative and conscious parenting methods that I have gathered over the years. I believe that babies are whole, complete humans from the day they arrive into the world. With that in mind,
we can understand the importance of building respectful relationships from infancy and beyond.


I also offer photography services as part of my package and this includes 15-30 photos taken at birth and/or during my postpartum visits.


I have been blessed with the opportunity to witness the natural physiology of birthing at home and I do my best to inspire an intervention-free labour. As a new doula, I will be offering my services at a reduced rate with a sliding scale. Please contact me for more details. I’m looking forward to sharing space with you~

* Available for clients.​


Anabel Kinasewich

Anabel is a fully trained Birth Doula and postpartum care provider on Salt Spring Island. She attended the most extensive holistic doula training program in North America at Pacific Rim College. Anabel takes a holistic approach with her clients and helps support them in finding natural ways to empower their pregnancy, birth and post partom period. She is also trained in yoga, meditation facilitation and reiki. Anabel has a warm, gentle and welcoming heart to women and families of every kind. She believes deeply in the power of intention, hypnobirthing, creativity, expression and ceremony. Anabel is delighted to help support you in any way you need! She offers support for families of lower income by offering her services at a discounted rate because she believes that everyone has the need for extensive support during childbirth and after. 

* Available for clients.


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Sadie Hodson

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